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Many people go through life unfulfilled and are unhappy with how their life has turned out.

But you don't have to

As a woman who has spent a lifetime putting myself last on the list, I know these feelings well. I spent so many years trying to find my way on my own. But you don't have to. 

That’s why I created a a program where women can take the first step and tap into the power of community accountability to help uncover what they really want, release all the things holding them back and begin to live their big, full, no regrets life.


Return To BEing™ Group Coaching


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6 week program focused on self-discovery & unlocking your purpose.

We will:

Dive deeper into Finding Your Thread™

Guide you to unlock your purpose 

Uncover the self limiting beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back

Pinpoint what is no longer serving you/blocking you from living your fullest life

Identify actions/behaviors that are leading to burn out and carve out new boundaries


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12 week program focused on embodying what was learned in BEGIN phase.

We will utilize all of BEGIN and:

Live in the days. Begin to design your ideal day and use that as your north star for living

Develop Sacred Brackets™ and Daily Containers™ to be our guide to living

Learn somatic and mindfulness practices to keep us present in our lives and combat old habits and behaviors when they show up

Work together to build new muscles that lead to a new way of living



6 month mastermind focused on self-mastery and becoming the catalyst for change and living well everywhere in our lives.

We will utilize all of BEGIN & BECOME and:

Hone your leadership skills

Build businesses that are the change we want to see in the world.

Become the change makers and catalyst for new way of living

Shift away from the most common end of life regret not showing up to live your life fully


Interested in private 1 on 1 coaching and life design services? 

Want a personal guide to support your life transformation and keep you accountable? Let's chat.

Balance - Energy Healing Sessions

Private Energy Healing session to reset your nervous system and nourish your mind, body and soul.

I’m so glad you’re here.

Hi, I’m Corean - Personal Power Coach, Life Design Expert and Founder of The Life Is Project. 

I’m a well-being and play advocate, Certified Coach, Chopra Health Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Energy Healer, Professional Improvisor and mother of two amazing humans.

As a former COO and 20+ year Corporate Marketing/Media executive, I've climbed the ladder, checked every box and still ended up unhappy, burned out and unhealthy.

I’ve spent years on my own journey to back to me, living life on my terms, reclaiming my health and stepping into my purpose. 

I've learned we don't have to sacrifice our well-being to become someone else's version of successful. 

We can live the life we desire and make a huge impact on the world. 

I'm here to help you begin. 

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Have questions? We may have the answers...


You get to live a life you love.