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Self love spray painted on sidewalk

Self – Love

Learning to love yourself is a journey. It takes the courage to be your authentic self, unapologetically. As children, we are born with this. We begin to unlearn who we truly are as the beliefs, experiences, societal norms and expectations take hold. We start the journey of becoming who we think we should be vs. embracing, loving, leaning in and leading with who we are.

Self – Care

If you’re like me, taking care of yourself repeatedly falls to the bottom of the list. Even when you create space for it, something else comes up, you prioritize someone else’s needs and down the list it goes. Learning to love myself has taken effort. It started with forced self-care


Beginning is hard. It’s even harder to keep going. I thought a lot about how to share all that I have learned on this healing journey to help others on their journey. How to share that living is the work. Life IS the project. It’s about being in it. Being present. Being.