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The first time I heard about “protecting” your energy, I was watching Oprah. I don’t remember who she was interviewing, but what was said changed my perspective on life. “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.” I had one of her famous “ah ha” moments. I hung the quote in my office at work the next day and still have it posted in my home office today. I could write a book about all I have learned and am still learning about energy, luckily there are plenty already written. We are made of energy, we can all feel energy and impact it. We’ve all had an experience walking into a room and either being drawn to someone or repelled by someone we have never met. We have places we like to go because of the “vibe.” We are born able to feel and recognize vibrations/energy. One of the most important lessons I have learned is to protect my energy and be responsible for the energy I give. 

Everything we expose ourselves to has an impact on how we feel. 

I have learned to be intentional about my home environment, what I watch, what I read, where I go, even what I eat based on energy. It’s not just what I’m exposed to externally, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I’ve learned to use tools like smudging and crystals to maintain good energy in my space and tools like meditation, reiki and qigong to maintain good energy in my mind and body. You don’t have to develop these practices to be aware of how your energy is being impacted. It starts with being intentional about focusing more on the things and people that bring you joy and less on the things and people that leave you feeling bad. It’s about being aware and mindful of what you allow. 

It’s also important to pay attention to depletion and replenishment. Are you giving all of your energy away all day, never refilling your cup. Are you surrounded by energy vampires who only take and never give? Do you have a toolbelt that helps you protect and replenish your energy? Understanding your specific energy needs, what’s out of balance and how to restore is key to your daily well-being.

Love & Light,

Life Work

Pick a day to intentionally track how you feel. What/who brings you joy? What/who leaves you feeling stressed, sad or bad. What places do you go that give you an energy boost? Drain you? Pay attention to the energy you feel in people, places and things. Start to learn to protect your energy and lean in on what brings you joy.