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Day Building

Through visioning, I learned the power of day building. We focus so much on planning for the future or reliving the past, we fail to realize the only thing we have for certain is right now. Life is lived in the days. 

Visioning is important to give you a north star, but how you spend your days determines your quality of life. You can spend your days in misery chasing the vision or you can spend your days intentionally living your best life as you make your dreams a reality. Learning to build your days in alignment with your authentic self and natural rhythms leads to a fulfilled life. 

I spent over 8 years of my corporate career in fully remote environments. A few months before I started my first fully remote job, I decided to not only think about what I wanted to accomplish over the next year, but how I really wanted to spend my days. I took a few days to really think about it and mapped out my ideal day. Down to the time I woke up and when I ate my meals. One of the main things I wanted was to work from home where I could set up my own environment and have the flexibility to shape my days without the long Atlanta commute. I then mapped out what I thought that would look like, down to the amount of money I would like to make. I did this in December. I started working in that new job that allowed for the flexibility I wanted in my days the following February. There is power in intention and being specific about what you want. 

My goal is always to continually evolve and grow. Which means it’s important to continue to make the time and space to revisit how I want to spend my days based on the person I am becoming. As you grow, your ideal days will too. We go through different seasons in life. Is your current daily routine serving you? Or is it time to evaluate and design your day to be more aligned with your highest good?

Love & Light,

Life Work

Build your ideal day. Here is a tool to help.


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