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Compilation 1: The Work


Gratitude became my anchor. The place I go when I start to feel fear, sadness or hopelessness. It is the continual prayer in the background of my days. It is the most powerful tool in my toolbelt.

Day Building

Through visioning, I learned the power of day building. The only time you are actually living is in the present. Vision is important to give you a north star, but how you spend your days determines your quality of life. You can spend your days in misery chasing the vision or you can spend your days intentionally living your best life as you make your dreams a reality.


If you look up the definition of vision, you learn it’s commonly used as a noun or a verb. I prefer the verb. I’ve learned the power of action. Of visioning.


As humans, we need connection. There is a reason solitary confinement is considered one of the worst forms of punishment. We are social beings. Social connection is one of our fundamental human needs. However, all connections aren’t good connections. We’ve created a world where it can be hard to show up as our authentic selves.


I have learned to be intentional about my home environment, what I watch, what I read, where I go, even what I eat based on energy. It’s not just what I’m exposed to externally, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Self love spray painted on sidewalk

Self – Love

Learning to love yourself is a journey. It takes the courage to be your authentic self, unapologetically. As children, we are born with this. We begin to unlearn who we truly are as the beliefs, experiences, societal norms and expectations take hold. We start the journey of becoming who we think we should be vs. embracing, loving, leaning in and leading with who we are.

Self – Care

If you’re like me, taking care of yourself repeatedly falls to the bottom of the list. Even when you create space for it, something else comes up, you prioritize someone else’s needs and down the list it goes. Learning to love myself has taken effort. It started with forced self-care


To forgive is a verb. It’s an action. The definition of forgive is to stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake. Many of us hold on to anger and resentment towards others for all the ways we feel wronged. We also feel this way towards ourselves. Knowing you need to forgive is one thing, doing is another.


It’s hard to recognize the patterns and habits we need to break once we are solidly in them. The things we do without thinking, repeatedly, that do not produce positive results. Some patterns and/or habits simply keep us stuck where we are.


Our families, friends and experiences shape us. Shape our beliefs about the world and our place in it. We are all the same, the only difference is what we believe. There are many beliefs that shaped me I’ve had to unlearn.