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My hair was falling out by the handfuls. My eyes were angry and inflamed causing perpetual tears. I couldn’t sleep. I was exhausted. Everything hurt. Inside and out. After years of neglecting the cries of my heart and soul, my body was urgently trying to get me to listen. I had reached the edge. My edge. After too many doctors and tests failing to provide an answer, I decided I had to figure this out on my own. The doctors didn’t help. Nothing worked. It was time to go inside. It was time to do the work. I had to fix myself. I could no longer get away with putting all of my energy into fixing everyone else so I didn’t have to deal with my own brokenness. It took me a long time to realize I was never really broken. I had to go through the process of breaking and becoming to shed the things that were weighing me down and emerge as the better version of myself. 

There were plenty of points along the way that I should’ve invested in a therapist, a shaman, some sort of healer or guide. The path would have been easier. I didn’t. Like everything else in my life, I felt I had to do it myself. I would DIY my healing for over 10 years before finally investing in a coach and then a therapist. This work is very personal. You have to face yourself, bare yourself, open yourself, reveal yourself, heal yourself, but you don’t have to do it by yourself. There are people, tools and guides to help you on your journey. I did it the hard way for a long time. Through all that work, I’ve built a pretty amazing tool belt for myself. I’d like to help you build your own. I know this is lifetime work. This journey to knowing yourself, loving yourself and embodying your authentic self. The journey is much easier when you have the tools to help you live your best life. 

Beginning is hard. It’s even harder to keep going. I thought a lot about how to share all that I have learned on this healing journey to help others on theirs. How to share that living is the work. Life IS the project. It’s about being in it. Being present. Being. Writing and sharing was my way of beginning. Giving others the tools I didn’t allow myself to ask for. The inspiration to begin your journey. A way to start. Or to finally commit to keep going. It started as a blog, and has evolved to my vocation. I’ve stepped away from a 20+ year corporate career to fully dedicate myself to helping others with this work. Helping women liberate, live and lead the lives they truly desire. 

Let’s continue the journey together. 

Love & Light,


Life Work

Begin. Start by getting it out of your head and heart and onto paper. Create a place to keep your thoughts, feelings, emotions, discoveries throughout this journey. This is a journey to becoming through BEING. Something attracted you to this work. Spend some time with it. Are you at the whisper stage? It’s just a feeling, a nudge, a hint that something has to change. Or are you at your edge? Start wherever you are and let whatever needs to come out, come out. This is an exercise of release and recognition of where you are.